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Baylor x NIKE Brand Evolution

Even the most iconic brands go through a natural evolution. Over the course of the past year Baylor Athletics’ in partnership with NIKE, has joined forces with some of the best and brightest minds in sports marketing and graphic identity, to evolve and strengthen the visual representation of the Baylor Athletics brand. This process brought together a variety of representatives from within the athletics department and across campus to speak into the hallmarks of Baylor Athletics and the core elements that best represent who we are: 

Tradition. Family. Strength. Passion. Spiritual Growth.

The goal was to refine, reenergize and refresh the existing Baylor Athletics brand elements while honoring a longstanding tradition of excellence. The result is a clear, concise, consistent and distinct brand identity that reflects the best of Baylor. Rich tradition. A bold future. One brand. One Baylor.



United for Waco



History. Tradition. Legacy.

A distinctive identity unlike any other. Of the 1,117 NCAA member institutions, not one shares the striking, powerful, and prominent color pairing of Baylor Athletics.

Baylor’s iconic green and gold can be traced back to the spring of 1897. As legend has it, a group of Baylor students were traveling by train to Bryan, Texas to participate in a debate tournament, and student Sara Rose Kendall spotted a rolling field of dandelions from her train window, and thought it made a “lovely combination.” Shortly thereafter, green and gold made their historic debut as the school colors at a Baylor Glee Club concert on March 25, 1897. From that date, we have proudly flung “our green and gold afar.”
While over the years, various color variations have emerged, with the partnership of NIKE and a desire to strengthen and unify our visual identity, we have found our way back to our roots with a singular and traditional Baylor Green and University Gold.

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"This rebrand – the United Campaign – is about far more than unifying colors and marks. It's about unifying the Baylor Family."

Baylor Athletics



The Evolution Defined

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Making its debut in the early 1950's, the interlocking BU has existed as the primary mark for Baylor Athletics for over half a century. It represents honor, tradition, faith, excellence and resilience. With a focus on legacy and tradition, the interlocking BU has evolved in a way that respects the integrity of the past, while representing our continual push toward the future.
In keeping with the core architecture of the former interlocking BU, the updated mark boosts rounded edges, angled interior corners, and a sharp interior chisel fashioned to replicate the tip of a bear claw. The single-color variation of this mark will serve as the primary logo for the athletics department and all related programs and teams to enhance brand consistency and clarity.
Design inspiration for the Baylor font and numeral sets draws visual cues from the tall architecture of the four columns at Independence, paired with the sharp inner chisel of the bear claw.

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Design inspiration for the Baylor font and numeral sets draws visual cues from the tall architecture of the four columns at Independence, paired with the sharp inner chisel of the bear claw. To maintain design synergy both elements replicate the same curvature and rounded edges of the associated updated primary mark.

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Maintaining the character and integrity of the primary font set, the Baylor script creates a modern take on a traditional style, utilizing a connected, italicized typeface that expresses flow and progression. The script will be used on a limited basis, such as on future baseball and softball uniforms.

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A few key words embody the Baylor Athletics brand and bring life to the spirit of community and camaraderie shared by students, alumni, fans and supporters. We have created custom wordmarks to ensure visual consistency in look, placement, spelling and punctuation for the following words: Bears, Baylor, Lady Bears and Sic ’em.  Each of these words on its own or combined, helps to visually define Baylor Athletics and to unify and inspire our core audiences.

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Drawing on previous variations of the bear, while taking a more powerful modern approach, the new bear is striking both in presence and posture. His intense eyes and open mouth exemplify strength, power, valor, and pride while exhibiting the passion of our students, alumni, fans, and supporters.



This guide outlines the evolution of Baylor athletics and will serve as a reference for implementing the Baylor University Athletics brand identity system.



UNITED | 04.13.19


One Brand. One Baylor. UNITED.


"This reveal is the culmination of a nearly 18-month process with Nike to research, review, and refine our existing brand," said Baylor Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Mack Rhoades. "The perspective and care with which Nike approached this project is invaluable, and we are confident in the future of our brand."


"Seeing the outcome of the collective efforts of this department, has been incredibly fulfilling," said Jovan Overshown, Senior Associate Athletics Director for Branding and Engagement. "This rebranding – the United Campaign – is about far more than unifying colors and marks. It's also about unifying the Baylor Family."


"We're painting the town green and gold with this campaign – a celebration of all things Baylor and Waco," said Associate Vice President for Athletics Jeramiah Dickey. "This is something we've talked about for a very long time, and we're excited to finally carry this vision forward."